The global market for best free slots app, and with it sports betting and online casinos, foresees an increase in its volume of activity in this 2022 that has just begun. That’s because iGaming and online gambling have already established themselves as the most flourishing segments of the industry that can be enjoyed through mobile devices in recent years.

For a better management of this phenomenon, however, the regulation of this type of technology will be very important, and therefore everything will start with an investment by the companies that produce them, with the aim of improving the product itself. and favor the adherence of more and more basic users. But not only that.

This speech, in fact, applies above all to the European continent, a place where both iGaming and sports betting and online casinos have been very successful in recent years. However, we see that the same has not been happening in the United States, a geographical and political reality in which it has always been more difficult to obtain a license and, above all, in which the great power of physical casinos has represented an important block from the point of view of tradition.

The forecast for this year, however, is also positive as far as the US market is concerned, since some fiscal and permit-related restrictions are beginning to be lifted to start businesses related to online games that involve betting. money direct. By 2022 it is thought that regularization will be massive in many North American states: the goal is to make both sports betting and iGaming legal. One of the goals is for states to be able to take inspiration from what has worked elsewhere and then just make some kind of changes and not have to start from scratch.

Another purpose is to find more and more investors, who will be able to lay the first stones for the growth of this type of industry. From an innovation of the technology of this industrial sector, it will be possible to captivate a significant number of people who want to put money in these games and then allow to expand the economic volume of the same industry. As a great hook is a proposal for a new way of playing and being able to earn money, both with sports betting related to disciplines that are better known in the US such as basketball, baseball or hockey, and of course with electronic games, which today nowadays they are having more and more importance.

For the first time in history, the United States will have to look east and trust the product that comes from Europe. The strong momentum of these games is a trend impossible to reject, and that is why this industry segment is looking to expand into the new world.